5 Delicious Ways to Keep Him Hooked

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Ah, so you finally found him. That sinfully sexy man, who says all the right things. It’s like a dream, and you walk around in a haze, with your head blissfully in the clouds. How to keep a man interested is hands down, the most asked question that I get. Women seem to think that there is some sort of magic recipe of weird sex positions and gourmet cooking and god only knows what else, but it is truly much, much simpler than you think !

It’s much more effortless than you make it out to be in your mind. We tend to over – complicate the whole process because, well, that’s how we’re wired ! What you need is some re – wiring. So just follow these easy steps to keep that wicked hot guy !

keep him interested

1. Never Do The Chasing

This is super important, and very overlooked ! No one ever wants to hear this, and men, in particular, will deny this until they’re blue in the face, but it is very, extremely true, like it or not ! Men are wired to chase ! It’s exciting for them. They love meeting a luscious woman such as yourself, and setting out to win her over.

Now, somehow, over the years, these roles have gotten reversed, and women chase, chase, chase. We ask for numbers, we initiate contact, we ask for dates…no, no, no ! I’m going to deliver some harsh truth here: If he doesn’t ask for your number, or ask you out on that date, or any of those things, then he is not interested enough !

I don’t care if he flirts with you. Some men flirt just to flirt, without it meaning much more than that. If he isn’t interested, that’s ok ! Move on to someone who is, because there are plenty more where he came from ! But, back to my point…let the man chase. Let him call you most of the time. Let him ask you on dates. Let him treat you like a lady and earn you.

When you kick back and allow that to happen, you will see how much fun it is, and you’ll see the power of it. Let him win you, because you are a prize to be treasured, right ?

2. Don’t Give Up Your Life For Him

This is a classic mistake that most women have been guilty of making at least once or twice in her life. I know that I have, back in the day ! After all, it’s easy to get caught up in. They say that falling in love is like a drug. The high is definitely something that you want more and more of, in the form of being around him as much as possible, talking on the phone when you’re not, and texting or stalking his Facebook pics when you’re not seeing, calling, or texting him.

You start breaking plans with your friends when he suggests a last minute date, you give up hobbies to call him…stop ! You need to keep your life going, not only for your own sake, but when you give up everything in order to ‘ get your fix ‘ of him, he will eventually start to feel pressured and even a bit smothered.

What will you talk about, if you give up your friends, your interests, and everything that makes you YOU ? A busy person with a full life = an interesting person. So keep living your life like you did before he came along.

3. Never Tolerate Disrespect

This one is a biggie ! Men ( yes, even the good ones ) will push your buttons early on. Why ? To see what they can get away with ! I don’t even think that they do it purposely. Most of them will, though. You need to nip any disrespect in the bud, as soon as it happens ! You may be thinking ” But wait, if it’s early on, why not just let it slide, so that he doesn’t think I’m a bitch ?”

I’ll tell you exactly why you don’t want to do this: It sets a pattern, and not a good one. He won’t think you’re a bitch if you stand up for yourself, if he is a quality man worth having. On the contrary, he will respect you so much more, and he’ll know that he needs to watch his p’s and q’s if he wants to keep you. That is exactly what you want.

Women need to get over this fear of looking like a bitch to men. Standing your ground does not make you a bitch. It makes you a woman with self respect, a woman who knows her value. Don’t set yourself up to be a doormat ! Demand the respect that you deserve, and cut loose any guy refusing to give you that.

keep him hooked

4. Don’t Nag Him

This is another important one. Don’t nag. That is something that needs to not happen, ever ? I’m 100% with the men on this one, because no one enjoys being on the receiving end of that ! And let’s be honest…does it ever really give you the result you’re looking for ?

Of course it doesn’t ! He tunes you out, you get angrier, and nothing even gets resolved ! So why not try a different approach ? A huge drawback to nagging a man is that he’ll start seeing you as ‘ mommy ‘. Yikes ! I’m sure that isn’t what you’re going for, is it ?

Once he starts seeing you as mommy, his desire for you as a woman will start to plummet. If you want to keep him hooked, you’ve got to nix the nagging !

5. Don’t Be Too Available

I know, I know…I sound like a killjoy here. It’s extremely tempting to want to be around a man you’re falling for as much as humanly possible. It’s only natural ! The thing is, if you’re too available to him, when will he miss you ? Eventually, seeing you will become just a routine thing, instead of something that he looks forward to.

In the beginning, it’s essential that you are not too ‘ in his reach ‘ so that he looks forward to seeing you ( the anticipation is part of the fun, anyway ) instead of taking it for granted because you’re always there, and he knows it. Part of this means that you should never accept last minute dates, at least not a first !

And never accept an ‘ invitation ‘ to drop by his place late at night ! Not in the beginning, and not until you are officially a committed couple. Here’s why: This is how men determine if you’ll be willing to be a backup girl. Once you get placed in that Netflix and chill box, you won’t be able to get back out.

There you have it ! 5 effortless, easy ways to keep him absolutely addicted to you ! You got this !


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